11.30.2018: The Best of Your Lies

New Album and New Music Video!

Photo of Anica on violin by Emory Hensley

One of the most fun things in my life is making music with other people, and for the past three years I’ve been fiddling my heart out in the band Owen Lake and the Tragic Loves. We have a new album out today, The Best of Your Lies, released by Carrier Records. I hope you’ll take a listen.

Owen Lake and the Tragic Loves’ “electro-country” sound is both freshly nostalgic and startlingly unique. Hard-driving synthesizer licks meet tight three-part vocal harmonies, buttery bloops and bleeps, crying pedal steel, and pounding electronic beats in the band’s genre-bending style, which draws from the traditions of 1960s country, 1980s dream pop, and modern electronic dance music, mixed with an experimental aesthetic all the band’s own. It packs an emotional punch to the heart, and beckons the bruised listener onto the dance floor.

You can stream the new album on Bandcamp or Spotify, or download it on iTunes or Bandcamp. It’s also available on cd and vinyl. The Best of Your Lies includes fun new versions of songs made famous by Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, Johnny Paycheck, George Jones, and more, but I’m especially proud of the two original songs for which I wrote the lyrics: ”Wicked Heart” and the title track.

Earlier this week, Everything Is Noise premiered the music video for “The Best of Your Lies,” directed by visual artist Jessica Segall and featuring not only Owen Lake and the Tragic Loves but also (in a quick cameo during my fiddle solo) my dog, Arugula. Owen Lake says the video “fulfills my dream of being in a 1960s country music television show, as transmitted from outer space.” Here’s the link to watch and listen.

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