Besides writing books, I also write essays, articles, song lyrics, and more. Here’s where to find them.

The Writer magazine

Writing about writing

The New York Times

Essays about animals and love

Owen Lake and the Tragic Loves

Electro-country songs with lyrics I wrote (that’s also me on fiddle)

To hear more of my fiddle playing, stream or download the full album “The Best of Your Lies” (named one of the 20 Best Americana Albums of 2018 by Pop Matters) on Spotify, Bandcamp, Amazon, or iTunes. You can also stream or download (free) some holiday tunes I arranged and recorded with musician Jeff Snyder here.


Stories told live, without notes, on stages throughout New York City

  • Confessions of a Fourth-Grade Science Fraud (The Story Collider): A true story about fake science, popularity, and hair.

  • The Do Bad Things Club (The Gnat): A true story about clubs, secrets, friendship, and trouble.

  • Goosed (The Gnat): A true story about goose poop, a beautiful fox, and other obstacles on the path to love.

  • Solving for X (The Gnat, The Story Collider): A true story about kisses, variables, anxiety, and control.

The Magazine of Italian Cooking and Living

Variations on a family recipe seasoned with history and tradition