Talking with kids and teens about books and writing is one of my favorite parts of being an author. If you would like me to visit your school or library (or speak at your book festival or writers’ conference), I’ll be delighted to try to make it work. Please email me at anicamroserissi at gmail dot com to discuss rates and availability. For more information about Skype visits, please scroll to the bottom.

Here’s how a typical elementary school visit goes (for more information about middle school and high school visits, please send me an email):

Anna, Banana fan art.

Scenes from school visits up and down the east coast.

In my energetic, interactive presentation, I talk about my path to becoming an author and reveal the secrets of my writing process, from ideas and drafting to revisions and beyond.

I share samples of my writing from when I was a kid, talk about what inspired me to write the books I’ve published, and share some of the bumps and challenges I encountered along the way, as well as how I overcame them.

Each session includes time for a Q&A, into which I pack lots of writing tips, techniques, and encouragements for the kids to apply to their own writing in the future.

My goal for each visit is to leave every single student feeling excited about reading, and empowered to create new stories of their own

My elementary school presentations are best for students in grades pre-K through 5, and are suitable for both smaller and larger groups. My YA-focused presentations are best for grades 6 through 12, and are suitable for both smaller and larger groups. I can do up to four 45-minute presentations in a school day, and am happy to adjust both timing and content to suit the school’s schedule and the students’ needs. If you would like me to have lunch with a group of students, or lead a specially-tailored writing workshop (best for grades 3 and up), I can do those things too.

Recent school visits, book festivals, and writers’ conferences include

Schools and libraries: Belvedere Elementary School (VA), Blue Hill Public Library (ME), C.B. Jennings Elementary School (CT), Chase Emerson Memorial Library (ME), Community Park Elementary School (NJ), Cotsen Children's Library (NJ), Cranbury School (NJ), Deer Isle-Stonington Elementary School (ME), Dorcas Library (ME), Ella Lewis Elementary School (ME), Ethical Culture (NY), Fairmount School (IL), Grace Church School (NY), Heards Ferry Elementary School (GA), Hillside Elementary School (NJ), Greenwich Village School (NY), Hopewell Elementary School (NJ), Johnson Park Elementary School (NJ), Jonesport Elementary School (ME), Lalor Elementary School (NJ), Lewis Elkin Elementary School (PA), Little Red School House (NY), Maurice Sendak Community School (NY), McGalliard Elementary School (NJ), McKinley Elementary School (VA), Metea Valley High School (IL), Milbridge Elementary School (ME), Nathan Hale Arts Magnet School (CT), NEST+m (NY), NYPL Jefferson Market (NY), Pace Charter School (NJ), Park Slope School (NY), The Parkside School (NY), Piscataquis Community Elementary School (ME), Princeton Charter School (NJ), Princeton Day School (NJ), Princeton Friends School (NJ), Princeton Public Library (NJ), Princeton Young Achievers Program (NJ), Reiche Elementary School (ME), Ridge Elementary School (NJ), Riverside Elementary School (NJ), Rose Hill Elementary School (VA), Schneider Elementary School (IL), SeDoMoCha Elementary and Middle School (ME), Springfield Estates Elementary School (VA), Steck Elementary School (IL), Stonington Public Library (ME), Stratford Landing Elementary School (VA), Stuart Country Day School of the Sacred Heart (NJ), T. Baldwin Demarest Elementary School (NJ), Thomas Memorial Library (ME), Truro Public Library (MA), University Heights Elementary School (NJ), Washington School for Girls (D.C.), Waubonsie Valley High School (IL).

Festivals and conferences: Anderson’s YA Literature Conference (IL), Anderson’s YA Fandom Frenzy (IL), Association of Writing & Writing Programs Annual Conference (FL), Brooklyn Book Festival (NY), Brooklyn Botanic Garden's Ghouls & Gourds Festival (NY), Cape AuthorFest (ME), Decatur Book Festival (GA), Maplewood South Orange Book Festival (NJ), Miami Book Fair (FL), NCTE (MD), nErDcampLI (NY), nErDcampMI (MI), nErDcampNJ (NJ), Newburyport Literary Festival (MA), Princeton Children's Book Festival (NJ), Rutgers One-on-One Plus Conference (NJ), SCBWI Winter Conference (NY), SCBWI Summer Conference (CA), Shreve Memorial Library Children’s Book Festival (LA), Southern Kentucky Book Fest (KY), Warwick Children's Book Festival (NY), William Patterson University Annual Spring Writer’s Conference (NJ).

For news of upcoming public appearances and events, please visit the events page. Interested in a Skype visit? Please see below.

Student and educator testimonials:

Post-visit feedback from a 3rd-grade student

"Thank you for visiting us! I really liked when you told us that tip about the first draft should be horrible. My favorite part was when you read the part about Banana going missing. It made me get really interested in the book. When I grow up I will be a writer." —Sylvie, grade 2

"Thank you for coming to our school! I really enjoyed learning about your book! Thank you for teaching us about how you write! My favorite part was Anna and learning about why Anna was mad. Thank you for sharing. I love learning." —Ethan, grade 2

"You taught me quite a bit about writing a book, and I will always remember the event." —John, grade 4

"Thank you for coming. You really inspired me. One way that you inspired me was that you were just a little kid and now you are an author." —Ambra, grade 3

"When you came to our school, you inspired me to write books and write about things you love! And you also teached me how to keep going even when you don't want to!" —Olivia, grade 3

"You were fantastic with the kids and we had a run on your books as soon as our doors opened this morning. All of our copies flew off the shelves and many more students placed a hold to be next in line. Several teachers and our principal also commented on what a great event it was." —Pam, Library Media Specialist

"The day with you was just about everything I dream of happening in an author visit. It was a genuinely inspiring event. I heard one student say, 'Now that I've written this much, I'm going to write a chapter a week!'" —Janet, Education Director

"You were fabulous and my staff and students loved you! We were so impressed with your background, your discussion about your books, and the process that it takes just to write one book. You are a passionate and outstanding speaker. It is very apparent that you love what you do!" —Barbara, Principal

"I have received 100% positive feedback from teachers and students alike! Your storytelling was masterful and you totally connected with the students. Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving us an amazing experience!" —Dawn, Teacher Librarian

"The students are inspired to write more and we may even have some future authors. :) Just hearing about your journey shows students (and adults) that we all have bad days but the most important thing is to keep going. When the students heard you they could relate to that powerful message. You also showed all of us that writing should be fun and creative and not just an assignment from a teacher. Your visit will hold lasting memories for students and we hope you can come visit again soon!" —Amy, Reading Specialist

"We are so lucky, as a school, to have experienced your work and process first hand. I am always touched to see how creativity begins in childhood and how it is nurtured and cultivated through to adulthood. Your literary beginnings via the conduit of birthdays and love of animals was clear and provided such a deep understanding of narrative and its connection to a life lived. When my daughter returned home, we immediately began reading one of the Anna, Banana books and she didn't want me to stop until she was ready to go to sleep. This morning, instead of eating breakfast, she reread The Teacher's Pet." —Tina, Meet the Author Program Chair


I offer a select number of free Skype visits with classrooms or libraries (groups of 18 students or more) that have read one of my books together. If you are interested in setting up a Skype visit, please email me at anicamroserissi at gmail dot com. These 20-minute interactive Q&A sessions are best for students in first through fifth grades. 

For classrooms or libraries that would like a Skype visit but have not read one of my books together, or for groups smaller than 18 students, or middle school and high school groups, I charge $50 for a 20-minute session (Q&A) or $100 for a 45-minute session (presentation plus Q&A).

A Skype visit with 3rd graders in Michigan. Photo by Colby Sharp.

"Thank you for answering our questions. We learned so much from you." —Alexa, grade 2

"Thank you for Skyping with us. I like the way you come up with ideas." —Anika, grade 2

"I think your dog is super cute. I am also interested in what you said about writing. Maybe I will be a writer when I grow up." —Stephen, grade 2

"I really like writing so you have inspired me to become an author when I grow up." —Kaia, grade 2