7.7.2015: The Monkey in the Middle is Here!

Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy

Book two in the Anna, Banana series is out today and I might be a wee bit excited:


Anna, Banana, and the Monkey in the Middle is set at the zoo, and all the friendship dynamics and animal antics were so much fun to write.

For more information, including flap copy and reviewsclick here. If you'd like to order the book, please follow these links to IndieboundB&NBAMiTunesTarget, or Amazonor ask for it at your local bookstore or library. (Thank you!) You can also find (and review!) the book on Goodreads.

Here's a taste from Chapter Nine: More Than Meets the Eye.

"Let's check out the displays," Sadie said, pulling me away from the elephants.

But at the same time, Isabel said, "Ooh, look!" and tugged me in the opposite direction.

"Ack!" I cried. "Wait!"

Sadie and Isabel froze, each holding one of my stretched-out arms. I felt ridiculous.

"You're going to rip me apart!" I said.

"Hey, good idea," Sadie joked. "Pull harder, Isabel. Then we each get half!"

Sadie and Isabel yanked on my limbs, pretending they wanted to split me in two. I knew they were just goofing around. It was funny.

But part of me worried it was also a little bit true.


Thank you to all the readers, librarians, booksellers, educators, parents, bloggers, and friends who have been so wonderfully supportive of Anna, Banana, and me so far. And hugs and high fives to editrix Kristin Ostby, illustrator Meg Park, art director Laurent Linn, and my agent, Meredith Kaffel Simonoff. 

Happy reading!